Timber Management

Timber Management Plans

We discuss your goals for your property, assess your timberland and make long range recommendations for the management of each of your tracts. We aim to meet your goals for your property while maximizing timber production and income from your timberland. Everyone's property and goals are different and each tract is handled accordingly. Timber is a renewable, growing, asset. Proper management can increase the growth and income from this asset. Without a long range plan, other factors may influence your decisions concerning the management of your timber. Most people would not think of handling other valuable assets without the advice and assistance of a professional, but many people often attempt to manage their timberland themselves. This is often a costly mistake. Most government agencies will recommend using a consultant to get the most growth and benefit from your timberland. We will be glad to provide a list of references concerning our work.

Appraisals and Timber Stand Analysis

Often the first thing a landowner needs to know is how much timber he has, its condition and its value. This information is often necessary for estate planning, establishing a timber basis in a newly purchased parcel of timberland, or if an individual is interested in purchasing a tract of timberland. Our continuous contact with the timber market, through frequent timber sales, gives us current data on timber values and the market trends.


When necessary, we coordinate seedling purchases, planting contractors, and site preparation contractors on individual tracts. We work with contractors with excellent reputations in their field of work and are listed with the Texas Forest Service as certified vendors of the service they provide. In some cases open fields are planted in pine seedlings and in other cases, harvested areas need to be re-planted. We locate and retain the best contractor for the job needing to be done. In some cases, generally due to past management practices, all merchantable timber must be sold and removed to get a parcel of timberland in maximum production. When this is the case, we will coordinate the process of getting the area re-planted and back in production.

Herbicide Application

Using herbicides to control unwanted competition is one of the most cost effective methods of increasing growth in older stands and increasing survival of pine seedlings. When necessary, we contract herbicide applicators for pine seedling release, mid-rotation brush control, or chemical site preparation as necessary on individual tracts. We use only contractors with excellent reputations for their field of work and are listed with the Texas Forest Service as certified vendors of the service they provide.